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tv   CNN International  CNN  April 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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flying into the face of
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danger. cnn gives you an exclusive look at the desperate attempt to get supplies into war-torn yemen. >> newly released dash-cam video raises more questions about excessive police force in the united states. >> and, trapped in the belly of an airplane. we'll get a firsthand look this hour at how it can happen. we are your anchor team for two hours, hello, welcome, i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. thank you for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." the u.n. security council is trying to pressure houthi rebels where coalition air strikes have not been enough to stop them. the council voted tuesday to hit the rebels with an arms embargo and sanctions and demand that they pull back and stop their violence. >> now this video shows houthi trucks and tanks heading south
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towards a city. the rebels control yemen and including the capital. >> the u.n. says the fighting left nearly 16 million people in yechl e yem in -- yemen in need. >> reporter: while this plane has landeden a san of devastation fran like here, the areas around the run way intact, pockmarked, hangars destroyed. devastation in the last few days alone. this is badly needed urgent supplies for a country where food is scarce, walter is scarce, but there are many injured. aren't getting the medicine they want. over here as well, what seems to be one of the last if not the last according to an indian ambassador we spoke to, plane taking civilians out of here now. now the cargo planes continue to land. they have very tight windows. negotiated with the saudi and
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houthi authorities here. but the key question is, quite, how calm the situation is? for this kind of work to continue. and, also, quite whether this delivers enough of the aid that people need. a country of millions here on the brink. and this just frankly a drop in the ocean. badly needed from unicef. but, so much more has to come. nick patton walsh. >> nick is in abu dhabi where he joins us now live. incredible when we look at the humanitarian aid there. give us an idea of the situation on the ground there? >> well, just to get that 75 metric tons of aid in. that's one aircraft. they had to get 13 set permissions negotiated to get in. most key one was working out the window in which the saudi air force and houthis, control the
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airport allow them to touch the ground. a two-hour window. used by quite a few planes, cargo planes, passenger planes, to evacuate people as you saw that air india jet filling up with people there for brief period of time as well. that's the key one. they didn't overlap as much as everybody hoped for two hours. two windows both sides admitted to allow. then very quickly, just after in fact, we finished filming there we were told the airport was closing. quite definitively. we had to leave within, quite a short of time frame indeed. key question is, simply those 75 metric tons, two hours to get off the plane. now, the airport is pretty much the only real reliable way of getting aid like that in. with millions in need. how does enough medicine. importantly. the thing people will be dying
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from in the days and weeks ahead how does it get in fast enough given restrictive windows. rose mary. >> let's look at the u.n. security council to stop the violence on the houthi side. how is it they will respond to that pressure? >> well i think international pressure may have impact upon the houthis to some degree. also you have to bear witness to reality on the ground. there is no indication that they have intensive saudi air campaign, we saw, you know, some of them, amount of accuracy, the run way was still intact despite the fact that targets all around it had been, frankly better word, obliterated. the bombing campaign intensive. doesn't appear over the last week or so to have slowed the houthis in their bid to take over geography in yemen. the keyish to. if you try to alter facts on the ground by using air power alone, not having a ground troops, so to speak to follow that up you will not be able to do so. i think, what was said at the
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u.n. security council is a bit to perhaps suggest there is a broader united front behind maybe the saudi effort, but at the end of the day when you have a group clearly in control of much of the country and advancing like you see with the houthis inside yemen right now. symbolistic gestures may have long term potential to undermine them. they've don't seem to be changing what was on the ground. men lioyal to the houthis. being the ones that said to us. what we were able to do when we landed. >> nick paton walsh from abu dhabi just out of yemen recently. to read more about the story go to where nick describes his harrowing journey into houthi controlled region and that and much more is on >> now, iraq's prime minister has a commitment for $200 million in humanitarian aid, but u.s. president barack obama made no military promises.
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before his first trip to washington, he told reporters he asked for increased military support and arms, to battle isis. iraqi official says mr. abadi did ask for air strikes as well. >> he requested coordination withy forces. he is s to meet with congressional leaders in the coming hours. >> meantime, a paramilitary force in iraq says hundreds of reinforcements are heading to the country's largest oil re refinery. isis began attacking the refinery. they controlled several buildings by sunday. the government denied that. the militia says iraqi troops in the refinery are holding their ground. >> defense ministry says security forces won back a small town north of baghdad. in doing so they have cut off an isis apply line. >> the white house says it is willing to give congress a say on any potential nuclear deal
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with iran. a bill headed for congressional approval would give congress up to 52 days to review any deal. during that time, mr. obama would not be allowed to waive any congressional sanctions against iran. >> we hope congress will listen carefully. and ask the questions that it wants. but also give us the space and the time to be able to complete a very difficult task. which has high stakes for our country. >> congress absolutely should have the opportunity to review this deal. we shouldn't just count on the administration, who appears to, to want to deal at any cost. >> the bill also requires the white house to certify to congress every 90 days that iran is complying with that deal. >> now, italy is seeing a surge in migrants risking their lives to reach europe from africa. tuesday the aid group save the children says it speck to
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survivors of of a bet that capsized off the coast of libya. they say 400 people are missing. but the italian coast guard says it cannot confirm that incident. and we are joined now live from rome with the latest on this, and, this is a common migration route, thousands of north africans, indeed others have migrated there to got to europe. why can't we confirm the presence of hundreds of migrants in this case? >> it is a very complex, chaotic situation out there. boats arriving by the tens. may be as many as eight arrivals in sicily coming in today. there are no passenger lists. no record from the departure ports in libya. all they can rely on is what the survivors said. in this particular case, save the children says they talked to, 150 people on a bet with as many as 500. they say the boat cap sized.
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italian coast guard officials ash not finding a trace or any bodies in the water anything lick that. there are hundreds and hundreds of people coming, with this break in the weather. such bad weather in italy here lately. a break in the weather. and they're just coming in droves. and droves. over the weekend. all most 6,000 people arrived. in sicily. what is also troubling for the authorities trying to deal with this. just nowhere in sicily to put people. especially the, the minors, unacompanied minors and children. no facilities. completely packed. people are living in very desperate situations. they just keep coming. there is simply no end in sight, errol. >> the array of, use thousands of people are fleeing from. economic, political issues. they're desperate to risk their lives just to get to europe. as you mention there. 6,000 people in sicily recently. in a trend that continues to get worse. what is being done if anything to try to reverse it. or at least alleviate the
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suffering of so many people. >> well at this point it really is just a rs cescue mission. the coast guard, rescue the people bring them to sicily. not much more than they can do that that. they have called on european union to help to try to take some of the people coming into sisly. the european union mission, border control mission, controls a couple of ships out there. they have a nice landing ship, helping and some of the rescue operations right now. right now it really is just a -- a response mission. a rescue mission. trying to get people into safe, land, safer situations. of course many of the people before they leave the ports in libya have been traveling for days, muchthonths across from sub-saharan africa from one trafficking ring to another. by the time they get on the boats. the mission yesterday sent out a press release saying that the boats were being shot at by the
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smugglers. a desperate chaotic situation. >> 11 minutes past 8:00 in the room, barbie dadeau. thank you very much. >> u.s. president barack obama wants congress to take cuba off the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. >> the white house has writ in this letter to congress. saying cuba has not supported terrorist activity for six months and havana promised it won't do so in the future. the move allows months of warming relations, should say, follows months of relations between the u.s. and cuba. >> we'll take a break here on cnn newsroom. still to come an airport in jap japan, temporarily shuts down after an asiana airlines jet overshot a runway while landing. we have the latest on the investigation. >> plus, cnn goes inside a plane's cargo hold to see what it was like for an airport worker. who apparently fell asleep and was trapped inside screaming and
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banging for help. >> and actress gwyneth paltrow is trying to live on a food stamp budget for a week. people across the internet think she is doing it all wrong. we'll show you what's going on.
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there is word coming into cnn isis militants made advances towards the iraqi city of rama dim. the situation in the word of the deputy governor is very bad. arwa damon join us with details on the line. arwa, what can you tell us about the latest information? >> the deputy provincial, inside the city of ramadi giving out a dire warning about the situation. isis forces, early this morning, managing to enter the outskirts of city of ramadi from the east. this now means that isis is fighting on the east. isis advanced from the north. taking over three towns on
11:18 pm
outskirts there over the weekend. the routes to south already blocked off. city basically is under siege, except for -- the western portion that is still controlled by forces, by government forces, but that is wavering as well. sending out a dire, dire warning. and this is something he has been repeating for quite some time now. begging for backup. begging for more troops to be sent in his direction. begging for coalition air strikes. because, he is warning, even more strongly today, that this city, risks falling to isis. a critical city. provincial capital of iraq's sunni heartland. we have been seeing since, ramadi in the north, a stream of refugees trying to flee on foot.
11:19 pm
he and others trying to hold out, are saying now is the time for the iraqi government to send in reinforcements for the united states to prove it is an ally of iraq. the city will not hold out much longer. fighters are exhausted. running low on supplies. they're doing what they can to hold isis off. as the it clear from events over the last few days they're being pushed back at this stage. >> so, arwa, talk to us about the likelihood then that they will get this back up, that they're begging for, from iraq. and indeed, from, from the united states? we have been laehearing various reports, they're sending reinforcements to ramadi where isis is making advances to beef
11:20 pm
up the forces fighting there in, the region are a combination of government troops, but also relying on local fighters, local volunteers who are trying to assist them in keeping back these isis fighters. the problem is though they've been hearing various pledges from the iraqi government. there have been reports of a build-up in certain areas. we are seeing on the ground, evidenced this morning. isis is still able to fight and the fact there might be alleged build-up. move into the city. effectively shutting off ramadi from the east as well. again, there is clearly not to keep from isis from advancing at this stage in this particular location. from east of ramadi and the
11:21 pm
north as well. now, iraqi prime minister, al abadi is in washington, d.c. and met with president obama, has already received a pledge for $200 million in humanitarian aid. he made it clear, he wants more u.s.-led air strikes. this, unfolding incident surely has been part of the discussions that the prime minister has had with the u.s. president, just give us a since of how things have changed over the past few days. >> the prime minister was stressing that his key aim was to garner more u.s. military support. the iraqis want more equipment, want more guns. they want more air assets. they want drones. they want more u.s.-led air strikes. at the same time, the prime minister is aware of the sensitivity, when it comes to iran's involvement in the iraqi arena as well. he is also -- aware that the u.s. might be reluctant to
11:22 pm
provide iraq with more military assistance. and as you were mentioning there, the president, the u.s. president, did pledge $200 million in humanitarian assistance which is needed. but iraqi government will are gau at thare -- argue military assistance is vital. yes a humanitarian crisis unfolding because of all of the fighting and sheer brutality taking place in many different parts of the country. but at the same time there, has to be some sort of strategy to militarily defeat isis. this whole waiting until the last minute before the u.s.-led coalition gets involved, tactic, simply is not working. making a bad situation already worse. these cries from help from the province have been going on for months now. and many people are asking, why it is that it is taking so long that we have reached this point. according to the deputy
11:23 pm
provincial, the city of ramadi may fall, and until people start necessary. frankly over the last couple days, there has been intensity in coalition led air strikes around the strategic oil refinery. the country's largest. an increase in air strikes in the province. when we say increase we are talking going from two to three to say, six or seven or eight. not the kind of intense bombardment that iraq wants to see that is going to obliterate the isis position and prevent them from advancing and taking more territory. >> all right, talking there with our arwa damon. making her way toward rama didi where we are learning isis is making significant advances on the iraqi town. the problem they're in dire need of help. begging for support from the iraq government. and indeed from the united states. but they need it now. >> yeah, deputy governor just warning dire warning that, the
11:24 pm
ramadi is about to fall. on the map you saw west of baghdad. as arwa mentioned isis has been making gains on baghdad from the east, should say from the west from the north from the south. and the east is one area that hey haven't been approaching from. but it's still a fluid and unfolding situation in the country when it comes to fighting isis and we'll continue to connect with, arwa throughout the day on the breaking story. >> as arwa said they're relying on the local fighters there. they need some backup. we will continue to follow the story. course. we are going to take a very short break. we will be back in just a moment.
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welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm errol barnett. i'm rosemary church. we are tracking breaking news in iraq where the city of ramadi is in danger unfortunate falling to isis militants. the militants have made significant advances and it is unclear how long iraqi forces could hold isis off. he is requesting air and ground support. iraq's prime minister is taking his first official visit to washington right now. he underscored the urgent need for more military help in his country. al abadi met with president obama at the white house tuesday. an official says mr. abadi asked for air strookz to fight isis.
11:29 pm
he will meet with congressional leaders in the coming hours. al qaeda in the ararian peninsula says a drone strike killed a top leader in yemen. the former guantanamo bay detainee was a scholar and come bat commander and the u.n. security council on tuesday approved sanctions and an armed embargo on the houthi rebels who control much of yemen. >> havana is praising barack obama's wreck mrecommendation te cuba from the list of countries that support terrorism. the white house is writing a letter saying that cuba has not supported any terrorist activity in the past six months. >> we want to show you some shocking video in from arizona, where a police officer used his cruiser to take down a suspect. first a warning though, this video is graphic. but the man you see in it does survive. [ indiscernible ]
11:30 pm
>> man down. >> that video shows the officer striking this man, mario valencia who is a robbery suspect earlier in the video there is an apparent gunshot leading offices to believe valencia was armed. his attorney tells cnn the police used excessive force. you see it here from another dash-cam vantage point. we are walked through what exactly happened. >> reporter: it is hard to watch. i think any of us if mr. valencia, 36 years old was walking down the street and doing what police say he did, and that we can see on other dash-cam video there were several police cars on the scene that day. one of them, it's not clear who is speaking. i want to show you a clip here of another police car, not the one you showed leading into this. another police car who appears to be giving orders and concerned that mr. valencia who is just fired off a rifle shot
11:31 pm
in front of police, that other officers may be heading into an ambush. watch this. >> okay. never mind. >> one round just went out. into the sky. and unlocked now. it is definitely loaded. be prepared. >> the subject shooting or did you shoot? >> did not shoot. unit there. stand off. gun is loaded. gun is loaded. on cortero park. stay off. >> oh. jesus christ, man down. >> it is probably more disturbing to see that piece of video. you can see mr. valencia, flying into the air. he was taken to the hospital. he has been released. he has been charged with at least 15 different counts.
11:32 pm
it was a crime spree that began in, tucson, just south of marana. marana, along i-10 between phoenix and tucson. among other things he robbed a 7 eleven in the morning, set fire to a church, broke into a house unknown, and stole a car. later in the day he want to marana, north of tucson, stole a rifle from wal-mart was aiming the rifle at his own head and firing it into the, air, in front of police. and that's why when the police chief of marana said, they're going to monday morning quarterback this. the individual was close to homes. close to the door ways. and another 10, 15 second. police chief says it could have been a national tragedy. >> that was miguel marques reporting. next hour, rosemary and i will speak to the police chief and public defender representing the suspect that you saw. meanwhile, the u.s. state of oklahoma, reserve deputy turned himself in for the killing of a suspect. >> police say robert bates
11:33 pm
intended to use a taser on eric lair is instead he fired his gun. the 73-year-old volunteer deputy faces manslaughter charges. >> the incident sparked questions about whether bates was qualified to be a dep team. the sheriff's office insists he was experienced and trained for the role. cases prompted a day of protests across the country. hundred of demonstrators, marched on brooklyn bridge. protestors in san francisco disrupted a meeting at city hall. they chanted "no justice, no peace, no racist police." >> u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton will be on the campaign trail in iowa for a second day today. she met with business leaders, students, and educators in the town of monticello on tuesday. >> this is all part of her effort to appeal to middle-class voters and do it on a much smaller scale than when she last ran for president in 2008. >> i am running for president because i think that --
11:34 pm
americans and their families need a champion. and i want to be that champion. i want to stand up and fight for people so that they cannot just get by, but they can get ahead. and they can stay ahead. >> and clinton is the only democrat who officially declare her candidacy for president in 2016. >> the other side of the aisle, republican presidential candidate marco rubio will discuss his plans for tax reforeign minister reform during a speech in washington. tuesday he told cnn's jack tapper, he admires potential candidate, jeb bush, if that bush enters the campaign it would be a robust competition. rubio says he doesn't expect hispanic americans to vote for him just because he is hispanic. >> i think ultimately when it comes to being president, vice president or anything else you want the best people there. that's going to have an impact on the future of our country and on the future irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender. i would never assume every
11:35 pm
hispanic america has to vote for me because i am hispanic, because my last name is rubio. i have to earn their vote. i have to prove i am the right person for the job. the same will be true for her or anyone else running. >> rubio joins fellow senators, rand paul and ted cruz as only declared republican presidential candidates. >> just three weeks away from what could potentially be britain any closest election in four decades. prichl m prime minister david cameron released the manifesto tuesday, the ex-tension of a right to buy scheme in which 1 million families living in nonprofit housing associations will be able to buy their homes at a deep discount. cameron also promised to double the amount of free child care and ensure people working 30 hours a week on minimum wage would not pay income of tax. britain's liberal democrats will
11:36 pm
release their own manifesto today. >> a yougov poll of voting intention taken monday shows a tight race between the labor party and conservatives. labor has a two-point lead. keep in mind there is a 3% margin of error. ukip is third in the poll. with a lead over liberal democrats and green party. >> surely you have seen this story bouncing around social media. actress gwyneth paltrow is doing food stamp challenge. trying to eat on the budget of some one on food stamps for a week. critics many online say her shopping list is out of touch with reality. we'll see what you think. and what, some experts think after the break. to go left. t pull like thi and like so to go right. where are the brakes? uh, just grab ahold of both and pull straight back. and the "whoa!" is optional. you wouldn't buy a motorcycle without handlebars.
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actress gwyneth pal ttrow h the best of intentions when she accepted the so-called food stamp challenge.
11:40 pm
>> the idea is to show how hard it is to live for a week on the budget of some one getting food stamps but she caused a lot of controversy with this photo and the caption "this is what $29 gets you at the grocery store." now, folks over on facebook immediately began ripping apart her choices and the fact that she is doing it at all. someone named amy pointed out, those lines alone are $5. >> janeel, for one week she need to try for at least six months to get an idea of how it is for many people. >> and daniel says organizers of the challenge could not have chosen some one more out of touch with reality. i would love to see how she survives on that. >> karen added this, she is wrong about $29 a week to feed a family. that is for one person. families get more depending on how many people are in the family. >> all right, so joining us now is jim wile, president of the food research and action center.
11:41 pm
and his work for decade to fight hunger and poverty. >> hey, jim, welcome. what do you make of gwyneth's efforts? some say it missed the mark. at the least she is trying to raise awareness about something important, right? >> right. it is an important effort. many hundred of people over the last few years have taken the food stamp challenge. celebrities, celebrity chefs, office holders, members of congress, journalists, others and lots of ordinary people. a lot of people who work in the anti-hunger effort, food banks. and -- they post on blogs and what everybody learns is it is an incredibly difficult struggle to purr schchase a healthy diet what the federal government gives peoplen a monthly food stamp allotment. and when people do it, often they get krilt sicriticized onl. everybody gets criticized online these days. the comment section on anything is never a pretty sight anymore.
11:42 pm
it's important that everybody try to do this to raise awareness of the fact that food stamp benefits need to be better for people to got a healthy diet to carry them through the month. >> so, jim, people slammed gwyneth, as we said for buying healthy food. but when people on food stamps buy junk food they get criticized as well. some lawmakers want to ban food stamps for seafood, steak, soda. what should families on food stamps be buying? >> families should be trying to find the cheapest possible stores, of course, a lot of families live in areas, a lot of low income families live in areas without good accessible, reasonably priced stores. but families should be buying, you know, to the extent they can, the least expensive staples, healthiest food, and, and the fact is that study after study shows people aren't buying steaks. they're not buying lobsters. they're doing the best they can.
11:43 pm
they're purchasing the same types of basics that other families do in society. and, doing a good job of it. and, still running out of food with five, six, seven days left in the month because the allotment is so small. >> yeah, literally a bare minimum when you look at the amount that you are given per month. food stamps. in some cases they have to raise a family on the small amount of money. isn't there an argument to be made. if people were paid a livable wage in the first place by wal marlts and mcdonald's that have entry level positions the government wouldn't need to subsidize. this system seems inadequate. >> well, certainly we need, higher employment rates, fewer people unemployed or struggling, in part time jobs. because they can't get full time jobs. and we need hyigher wages, minimum wage. when all that is done we will need for many people, not as the many people, but we'll still
11:44 pm
need food stamp program. we will need a medicaid program to help people pay health insurance. still need other supports. there are millions of working people in the food stamp program whose wages aren't high enough and whose -- who don't have enough hours of work. there are millions of people who are disabled. millions of seniors. millions of kids. so, the program is actually a fabulous program. it reaches all sorts of vulnerable populations. and raising wages is one important way to get families in a better economic position to build economic security and to reduce the need for these programs. built is not going to eliminate them. >> fascinating issue. really. >> so much more to discuss on this for sure. jim weill, thank you for joining us. and continuing this debate. >> thank you for calling attention to this issue. >> we want you all to join in. what do you think about gwyneth paltrow taking the food stamp challenge. what do you think on twitter.
11:45 pm
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welcome back, everyone. japanese investigators are trying to figure out what caused an asiana airliner jet to skid off a run way at hiroshima airport. the plane may have hit an object during landing tuesday evening. >> the airbus a-320 coming in from seoul with 81 people on board. 23 people were hurt. the back of the plane and part of the left wing were damaged. one of the passengers tee skr s the turbulence. >> the plane came in very fast. then as soon as it hit the runway, it exploded, like the wheels, the wheel broke. there was a little bit of fire. a lot of smoke. and he couldn't control the plane. and, and so the plane kept moving. sliding. and didn't stop. then there was smoke in the cabin. then everybody was trying to get out, get out. screaming to open the doors.
11:50 pm
>> and that incident caused the airport to temporarily shut down. >> let's take a look at stock markets in the asia specific region for you now. you see there, the hang seng in hong kong, and shanghai composite, up .46% right now. the nikkei and s & p, asx 200 down for the day. >> china released gdp numbers for the first quarter of this year. the news its not good for the world's second largest economy. >> the chinese economy grew 7%, well below 7.3% expansion end of last year. the slowest growth since 2009. for more we are jind oined by sa yang. you wonder what the figures mean for china. the number may be cause for concern. as we saw, stock markets are performing very well. what should we make of this overall? >> reporter: right, well the 7%
11:51 pm
growth figure for china's first quarter economic expansion for countries this would be good. for china, you have to understand that in recent years, it still has seen double digit growth. by comparison, 7% just isn't cutting it anymore. but stock markets as you pointed out are surging. today they have been a bit touch and go in china. overhaul, both stock markets up by a lot. up over 50%. huge gain. a lot of investors are interested in putting their money there. >> couple second. what are some of the challenges the e can me fak owe -- economy? >> the property sector. they have overbuilt. overinvestment, oversupply. and now phenomenon of goels cities. entire towns where no one is buying houses no one is opening a shop. adding extra strain overall to the financial system and to the economy.
11:52 pm
>> important places to keep our eyes on. live with us from hong kong. check out her stuff on kong. >> celebrating the birthday of kim il sung. the leader would have turned 103 this year. a major holiday in north korea known as "the day of the son." since his death in 1994, the occasion has been marked with military displays, exhibitions and sports. for a closer look at the celebration, let's bring with vicky, there amid the festivities. works waite british run travel company and joins us live by skype from pyongyang. thank you for talking with us. how do you describe the mood on the streets of pyongyang, right now, how people are celebrating this most important day in north korea? >> reporter: a very festive
11:53 pm
occasion. everybody in a good mood. everybody off work. kids running and skipping around. don't know itch you can seep me, a lot of of students. just a mass dance. the music will probably kick in soon. >> talk to us about the many different types of celebrations under there, under way right now. what's already -- been seen by people. what they have experience sewed far. what they're saying to you. >> well the first thing, it kicked off, sunday, with pyongyang marathon, a few of us came. we brought 282 to par tis pay. an end me visited the mausoleum where kthey lay in state. an exhibition happening. now, all over city, people are gathering to dance in the streets. we are hoping for fireworks later on to night. >> have you got a tour group there with you? is that, its that what you are doing right now.
11:54 pm
>> yes, i have. 16 people from all over the world. they're actually here. they're watching the mass dance with us. they have been here since saturday. saturday morning. >> and talk to us, too, about what they expect to see. presumably, you being based there in pyongyang. you see quite a few of the tourists coming through now. what are they expectations? their tree actions as the they watch this day of celebration. in pyongyang. >> well i think, the comment is, that everyone's perceptions and expectations are smashed immediately. they all have, very different idea. what it is like. you come here. people are warm, friendly. bombarded with facts. north korean side of the story. and we have been all over. we have been to the dmz. today is lovely day to relax. everybody is happy, excited. awe all right, lots of smiles there. talking to us there via skype from pyongyang with all of the celebrations in the background.
11:55 pm
many thanks to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> well, for one sick little boy, sometimes all you need is the comfort of your favorite toy. ethan carneseca in a children's hospital in to taupe for the past few weeks for pneumonia. >> doctors found out how much he loved hot wheel cars. made sure he had one for his checkups. then a hot wheels collector heard about the story. that's when the tiny cars started rolling into the hospital. >> malaysia. all over europe. orient. pretty amazing to see people reach out. >> so fun to seep h how great people are. off to help out and dupe what they can. >> probably has 100 cars so far. >> that its great. isn't it. it goes to show, even the littlest things make a big difference. >> absolutely. you are watching "cnn newsroom"
11:56 pm
appreciate your company. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary churchill. stay with us. more stories after this break.
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the white house moves to take cuba off its list of state terrorism sponsors. >> growing alarm after hundreds of migrants are feared to have drowned off the coast of libya. >> new questions about police tactics after dash cam video shows an officer running over a suspect. >> hello welcome to viewers here in the united states of course all around the word. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." we will have those stories in just a moment. but we begin with a developing situation in iraq. >> that's right. if you are watching you saw


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